OFW - Upper yarn detector


The OFW upper yarn detector is the first yarn monitoring point after the bobbin on the path to the knitting machine. It can be installed on conventional bobbin stands above the bobbins or on the side creels. The OFW not only detects yarn breaks but will also detect snatching or jamming of the yarn. This feature prevents yarn breakages.

Main features

  • Machine is stopped when yarn breaks or snatches (increased yarn tension prior to yarn breaking)
  • Ceramic guiding surfaces provide low friction contact for yarn path
  • Easy installation on a ring or rail using a spring clip

OFW 01
Technical data
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Technical data
Power supply12 / 24 V AC ​
Max. current12 V: 56 mA
24 V: 48 mA

OFW yarn detector 12 V, 100 ohm / 24 V with diode

OFW 02

OFW yarn detector 12 V, 1.2 k ohm / 24 V with diode

For mounting on tube duct at tube inlet


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OFW 01