UFW - Lower yarn detector


The lower yarn detector is a stop motion device positioned between the yarn feeder and the yarn guide and is used for example on striping machines as an outfeed stop device. Versions for vertical and diagonal yarn feed are available. The UFW is modular in design and can be fitted e.g. with yarn clamps to prevent fault stoppages, as well as various tensioners and other devices.

Main features

  • Fast response with minimum friction applied to running yarn
  • Pre-tensioning can be individually adjusted via a knurled screw to knitting condition or quality of knitted yarn
  • Easy installation on a ring or rail using a spring clip

20070718 0523
Technical data
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Technical data
Power supply12 / 24 V AC
Max. current12 V: 56 mA
24 V: 48 mA
UFW 01

UFW with straight yarn outlet

-> Different versions available upon request


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20070718 0523