FILTERCREEL 3 - Closed Side Creel


The FILTERCREEL is the most reliable option for ensuring lint-free yarn feed, improved machine efficiency and fewer faults in the knitted fabric. The blower system prevents lint from collecting at the bobbin tops, fronts and "top and tail" yarns and traps airborne lint in a surface filter.

Main features

  • Production output of knitting machine increased by up to 10%
  • Fluff collected by removable surface filter at floor level
  • Cleaning intervals in the knitting room extended due to cleaner air

Filtercreel 3
Technical data
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Technical data
Power supply230 V AC 50 Hz ​
Max. current2 segments1,64 A
3 segments2,46 A
4 segments3,28 A
5 segments4,92 A
6 segments4,10 A
Dimensions2 segmentsWidth 1550 mm, Height 2350 mm
3 segmentsWidth 2260 mm, Height 2350 mm
4 segmentsWidth 2970 mm, Height 2350 mm
5 segmentsWidth 3680 mm, Height 2350 mm
6 segmentsWidth 4390 mm, Height 2350 mm​
Weight2 segments150 kg
3 segments260 kg
4 segments310 kg
5 segments350 kg
6 segments410 kg

With plastic, aluminium or crimped aluminium tubing

With or without Airjet

Airjet 01 big

Tube duct with options

Umschlingungsbremse big

Yarn tensioner


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Filtercreel 3