FLEXCREEL - Circular


The FLEXCREEL Circular is a combination of FLEXCREEL and the Venti-Cleaner VCL 5. The yarn is fed through tubes in order to prevent lint build-up.

Main features

  • Circular design ensures optimum blowing of bobbins by the Venti-Cleaner
  • The knitting machine and the creel are separated and there is therefore no risk they will contaminate each other
  • Lower energy consumption because no compressed air is required to keep the bobbins clean

1 flexscreel rund memminger iro
3 flexscreel rund memminger iro
4 flexscreel rund memminger iro
2 flexscreel rund memminger iro
Technical data
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Technical data
Power supplySlip ring box VCL 5
230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Height - All segments2.850 mm
3.430 mm

- With plastic, aluminium or crimped aluminium tubing

- With or without Airjet

Flex Airjet


Flex Umschlingungsbremse

Barrel tensioner


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