MPF L - Positive feeder


The MPF L impresses with its self-cleaning tension rings on the yarn infeed tensioner and closed, wear-free yarn feed wheel. Other features include the integrated anti-filamentation unit and accessible yarn outlet tension to approx. 1 cN.

Main features

  • Ease of operation, maintenance-friendly, wear-free and long service life
  • Self-cleaning vibrating yarn tensioner prevents machine stoppages and boosts productivity
  • Even tension force due to magnetic tension ring
Vibration Tension
Closed winding reel
Integral anti-filamentation unit
Infeed arm (optional)

The components

  • Vibration Tension

    The vibration causes the tensioner ring to rotate against the direction of rotation in comparison with other makers. This prevents the build up of dirt between the tension rings which are self-cleaning. No tensioner ring wear. No more fault stoppages means that knitting machine productivity increases.

  • Closed winding reel

    The closed, low-wear winding reel prevents filament build up when processing filament yarns.

  • Integral anti-filamentation unit

    When processing filament yarns capillary filaments can collect on the feed wheel and interfere with smooth yarn feed. The user can prevent this by selecting flat pulling for fibre yarns and pulling at a steep angle for filament yarns.

  • Infeed arm (optional)

    This eliminates the obstruction as with the normal infeed bracket and so makes it quicker to change the drive belt on the MPF.

Technical data
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Technical data
Stop motion electric circuit with yarn break Rated voltage (machine stoppage)12 V or 24 V​
Rated current60 mA or 50 mA
Min. yarn tension1 cN
Weight depending on version430 g to 660 g
MPF LF big


The MPF LF version from the MPF L series is designed for constant and variable yarn consumption applications. In friction mode the unit can be used as a feeder on drop stitch and mini jacquard patterns.


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