LASER G2 - Storage feeder


LASER G2 is combining the latest feeder developments into one neat package. With the mechanical sensor system and permanent magnet motor technology LASER G2 ensures perfect speed regulation with significantly reduced power consumption.
The user-friendly design ensures easy handling, with the inclusion of quick release and easily accessible yarn tension adjustment fitted as standard.

Main features

  • Mechanical sensor system
  • Improved speed regulation
  • Permanent magnet motor with low energy consumption
  • Quick release
  • Perfect operation with brush and E-flex
Laser G2
Technical data
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Technical data
Max. speed:1.500m/min
Yarn count range:Nm120 – Nm2 ; 20dtex – 3500 dtex
Max. yarn separation:2.2 mm
Weight:4,9 kg
Power Supply / Feeder200-575V 400VA +/- 10%; 50/60Hz / 190VDC (Motor) 8VDC (CPU)
Laser G2 Komponenten 2

Compensation tensioner

Laser G2 Komponenten 3

Brush ring G2, goat hair, soft

Laser G2 Komponenten 4

Brush ring G2, horse hair, medium

Laser G2 Komponenten 1

Brush ring G2, pig bristle, stiff


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Laser G2