KNITSTORE K52 ATC - Storage feeder


KNITSORE K52 ATC combines all the advantages of the basic storage feeder KNITSTORE K52 such as functional design, easy maintenance and operation with the high dynamic active tension control system (ATC).

ATC is a very high dynamic system which measures the yarn tension permanently by a yarn sensor. It ensures that the output tension of KNITSTORE K52 ATC remains constant at the preset value. Therefore external factors like size of the bobbin or quality of the yarn are eliminated.
The microprocessor supported controller in connection with the electronical adjustable brake ensures, that deviations in yarn tension will be corrected in between milliseconds. Yarn tension peaks are compensated with the help of the ATC system. There is no need of checking the yarn tension during the knitting process or when changing the bobbins.

The setting of the yarn tension and other parameters is done via the control unit GTN. This control unit further contains the measurement of the yarn consumption, the set-up of the “fast stop function” in case of yarn breakage, the simple update function for KNITSTORE K52 ATC and it indicates the cause of machine shut down by KNITSTORE K52 ATC.

Main features

  • High fabric quality, yarn tension differences between the yarn bobbins are eliminated
  • Compensation of yarn tension peaks
  • Reduction of needle breakages
  • No checking of yarn tension during the knitting process
  • Increasing of machine efficiency and reduction of production cost
  • Low energy consumption results in saving of energy costs
  • Set up of yarn tension for each feeder or in groups centrally via GTN
  • Display of cause of machine shutdown in the GTN
  • Integrated yarn consumption measurement with GTN
  • Automatic determination of the quickest possible stopping time (Fast stop function), integrated in GTN
Knitstore K52 mit Einlaufbremse ATC
Technical data
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Technical data
Power supply57 V DC
Current0.55 A
Average power30 VA
Yarn gauge range17 dtex to 500 dtex
Yarn tension1.0 cN - 10 cN, depending on yarn
Max. yarn feed rate700 m/min.
Weight1.2 kg

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Knitstore K52 mit Einlaufbremse ATC