MPF P - Positive feeder


This device comes with the tried-and-tested, self-cleaning vibrating yarn tensioner, which reliably prevents machine stoppages. Fast threading saves time. The colour-change LED stop light is an integral part of the feeder body and is clearly visible from any operator position. The enclosed feeder body prevents contamination, contactless stop motion system for yarn breakage

  • Self-cleaning vibrating yarn tensioner prevents machine stoppages
  • Rapid threading thanks to open eyelets
  • Interchangeable yarn feed wheel
  • Integrated anti-filamentation unit on yarn outlet
Knot catcher
Winding wheel
Stop warning light
Integral anti-filamentation unit
Vibration Tension

The components

  • Knot catcher

    This can be changed without tools. Optional - Adjustable knot catcher.

  • Winding wheel

    The feeder is available with a fully enclosed feed wheel as standard or with pin type or separation feed wheel as optionals. Rapid changeover.

  • Stop warning light

    The large, stop warning light is an integral part of the feeder body and is clearly visible from all operator positions.

  • Integral anti-filamentation unit

    When processing filament yarns capillary filaments can collect on the feed wheel and interfere with smooth yarn feed. The user can prevent this by selecting flat pulling for fibre yarns and pulling at a steep angle for filament yarns.

  • Vibration Tension

    The vibration causes the tensioner ring to rotate against the direction of rotation in comparison with other makers. This prevents the build up of dirt between the tension rings which are self-cleaning. No tensioner ring wear. No more fault stoppages means that knitting machine productivity increases.

Technical data
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Technical data
Power supply12/24 V AC/DC, 50 - 60 Hz
Max. current consumption with stop motion60 mA
Number of windings20
Yarn tension range1,0 cN to 20 cN
Yarn gauge rangestaple yarn: Nm 6 to Nm 200
filament: 8 dtex to 2000 dtex
elastomers: spun, wound
MPF P Sep big

MPF P with separation feed wheel

MPP P Stift big

MPF P with pin feed wheel

MPF PF big


The MPF PF version from the MPF P series is designed for constant and variable yarn consumption applications. In the friction mode the unit can be used as a feeder on drop stitch and mini jacquard patterns.

MPF P 30 big

MPF P 30

MPF P 40 big

MPF P 40


Knot catcher

Available in sizes 0.2; 0.4; 0.5; 0.6; 0.8; 1.0 and 1.2 mm

MPF P verst KF

Adjustable knot catcher

Available in sizes 0.4; 0.5; 0.6; 0.8; 1.0 und 1.2 mm


Tube holder

For tube diameters 10.0 mm

MPF P Einlauf

Top yarn guide

For open yarn guide

MPF P Umschl

Barrel tensioner

MPF P Bremsringe

Tension ring

Two magnetic tension ring versions for different yarn infeed tensions

  • Black tension rings: high tension force
  • Red tension rings: low tension force

Contact cable

2-core contact cable for electrical connection of MPF P


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